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Le Monde de la musique - December (...)

Le Monde de la musique - December 2006

Mâche, François-Bernard 
born in 1935

"Styx - Areg - Mesarthim - Léthé - Nocturne" (+ Maurice Ohana : Sarôn-Ngô)

Martine Vialatte, Clotilde Ovigne, Hélène Bellanger, Christine Chareyron, Leonor Lapez Cossani (pianos) 1 CD NAXOS 8 557 988 (distributed by

Text in French, recorded in 2001, 2003 ET 2004, length : 1h05’

"François- Bernard Mâche", for whom sound is essential, strives to explore all of its qualities without neglecting the other elements of music. He also makes use of it as a basis for his compositions for two pianos, two pianos for 4 hands, piano and magnetic tape.

The most captivating echoes create a space of resonance, due to the undeniable magic of sound, the effects of which the composer capably measured and ordered. Accompanying the works of François-Bernard Mâche was Maurice Ohana’s Sarôn Ngô for two pianos.

This work, Christine Prost tells us in her annotated catalogue, "appeals to the resonances of the piano with three pedals and brings into play a scale of tones from indistinct sonorous masses—that may evoke the muffled beats of a drum—to strings that are directly plucked".

The encounter with François-Bernard Mâche is not by chance. It remains to be said that the performers play with as much talent as intelligence and conviction. Jean Roy : Nice Matin (janvier 2007)

Shaped at the Conservatory of Nice, and then at the Conservatory of Paris by Gabriel Tacchino, the pianist Martine Vialatte continues an enviable career....

Azur Littoral (6 mars 1992) : Concert at Cagnes-sur-mer

Martine, a delight ! A delicacy of touch, precision, and power, a nearly vocal sensitivity of phrases :

Martine did not disappoint her admirers who were moved by so much talent and musicality. Sublime !

Nice matin (25 June 1991)

When the inspiration of Martine ...inspires André Verdet.

The piano recital given in the collegiate church of St. Paul by Martine Vialatte was filled with rich moments of enthusiasm...

Nice matin (6 juin 86)

Concert tomorrow night with Martine Vialatte

Beethoven, Schumann and Ravel ...28 years old, Martine may be considered as a sure bet in the world of music....


Mozart and the orchester Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur at the "Festival of Young Talent."

A well-deserved success
...The young talent of the evening was Martine Vialatte, who performed for the first time Mozart’s Concerto for piano and orchestra in D minor. The ovation that she received from the one hundred and twenty listeners ... affirmed the pleasure and the delight that they felt.