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Personal compositions

Here you can listen to different (...)

Here you can listen to different samples of piano pieces performed by Martine Vialatte, Clotilde Ovigne, Hèléne Bellanger, Christine Chareyron, and Léonor Lopez Cossani (music for piano and two pianos). Music created by François-Bernard Mache (1935) and Maurice Ohana (1913-1992).

Recorded at The Nanterre Centre for Music
Source : CD made by NAXOS, an American company.

H. Dutilleux : (sonata)
C. Debussy (Preludes, Prints, Masks, L’isle Joyeuse, studies ;
M. Ravel : full (except The Waltz)
C. Franck : Choral prelude and fugue
M. Mussorgsky : Pictures of an Exhibition
R. Schumann : Carnaval op. 7 Kreisleriana, sonata in F sharp minor
L. Von Beethoven : sonatas, trivias
Haydn : sonatas

F-B. Mash : Night for piano & band
C. Ballif : first sonata
J -F. Kremer klaviersäzt
P. Leroux (piano - flute) AAA (instrumental ensemble)
T. Murail : Forgetful territory, farewell and a smile
Rautavaara : 1st and 2nd sonata
Mr. Ohana : 3 caprices, studies


"The performer or the artist is the one who is continuously discovering the other, and while doing so, increases their knowledge of himself or herself."

Beethoven recital

Sonata op. 2 # 1 allegro

Sonata op. 2 # 2 allegro vivace
Largo appassionato

Sonata op. 2 n 3 allegro con brio
Allegro assai

"The performer or the artist is the one who is continuously discovering the other, and while doing so, increases their knowledge of himself or herself."

After having spent several years in the contemporary music scene with H. Dutilleux, M. Ohana, T. Murail, F-B .Mash (CD with the full solo piano and two pianos (Naxos), Martine Vialatte invites you to discover another Beethoven, freed from his well established past, and reinterpreted through early publications by Artaria and Staatsbibliotek in Berlin for these recent hand-made corrections by Beethoven. This titanic work was launched by Georges Kan, musicologist, pianist and publisher (EME Editions).

Musical tales

Travelling Over the Ocean A musical (...)

Travelling Over the Ocean
A musical tale based on a story by Jules Supervielle
10 pieces for the piano - 4 hands and 6 hands. Published by IMD.
Volume 1 :
- Earth Sea : piano - 6 hands ;
- Gray Eyes : piano - 6 hands ;
- From Morning to Night : piano - 6 hands ;
- The Drumming Piano : piano - 6 hands ;
- The Spiraling Piano : 6 hands ;
Volume 2 :
- Lightning : piano - 6 hands ;
- Distant Countries : piano - 4 hands ;
- The Letter : piano (solo) ;
- Starry Sky : piano 4 hands.
- The Call : piano 4 hands ;
- The Ancient Kingdom : Dominique Poggi, composer, solo piano.

Contemporary music

Many solo recitals and chamber (...)

Many solo recitals and chamber music (piano-cello duets, piano-violin, piano-singing, trios, quintets) in France and abroad : Berlin, Japan , United Arab Emirates , Syria, etc.

Plays with the orchestra of the Toulouse Capitole ( St Jean de Luz ) Concerto "young man" of Mozart.

The orchestra of Monaco under the direction of Laurence Foster ( Concerto in D min Mozart ) .

The orchestra Provence Côte d’Azur in Cannes, Gillette and St Paul de Vence , where she opened the first concert of the festival.

Creation at the Salle Cortot the piano concerto Shimon Kan . (1987).

Under the direction of Joseph François Kremer (Church of Sevran) : 3rd piano concerto by Beethoven.

Dedicated to contemporary music : collaborations with Claude Ballif , Joseph -François Kremer, François- Bernard Mache , Philippe Leroux, Chistophe Frionnet , Jean -Pierre Armanet .

For 5 consecutive years, within contemporary music in Nanterre, organizes " concerts encounters" with young composers, and about the 20th century music.

Undertakes 5 years of research with the musicologist and editor George Kan on the first sonatas of Beethoven (proofreading of the very first editions of Artaria in Vienna and of Bonn editions corrected by Beethoven himself).

Creates a duet with Claudine Movsesyan clarinetist , numerous recitals in French music and world music (behind the Klezmer ) .

Theme concerts
The 5 elements : Painting Music with exhibition of Lika Hagi, painter.

Solo piano pieces by Debussy, De Falla , E. Rautavaara , Ravel, M.Ohana , M.Vialatte .

Eastern dances, Western dances

As part of the inauguration of the conservatory Isdora Duncan, at Igny :

With exhibition of Isabel Restrepo Sintas sculptor and painter.
Bela Bartok , Lutoslawski , Ravel, Gurdjieff , De Falla, Villa Lobos.

Behind the Klezmer

Formed a duet with clarinetist Claudine Movsesyan, composed with her 20 pieces, nigunim , original compositions between Klezmer tradition and new music.

Shows  : music poetry

Compositions for electroacoustic clavichord on a text by Dominique Feniès "The
Sugar-coated almond of your sleep”.

Concert for 2 electroacoustic clavichord and bass tuned on Greek hypolydien mode,

On the texts of the Homeric Hymns in ancient Greek and French : Renée Geoffrion, Louis Philippe Rivet, Myrto Gondicas Dominique Féniès .

Satie ’s Discalies music and texts by Erik Satie. Director and actor : Dominique Féniès .

Project : " Travel around the 47th parallel " (23 May 2014).

New music for electroacoustic, Theremin , Ondioline , Ondes Martenot , Violin and Piano Guérisson with I. Trocellier , P.Pénichet , Marie- Lo Jenny .


Many plays for children : piano (...)

Many plays for children : piano flute , clarinet piano , harp flute , solo piano and piano 4 hands.
Pieces for piano on poems by Odile Cohen Abbas ’ black marl , white marl "

20 Nigunim for piano clarinet

2 traditional Armenian music pieces for piano clarinet

6 Works for solo piano

3 musical tales : " Travel over the ocean " for piano six hands and four hands. On a text by Jules Supervielle : "The child of the high seas ."

PAN country sequence
Panphony in E : musical tale based on a story by Martine Vialatte ;
Sequence in 9 scenes for different combinations of chamber music orchestras ;
In Arcadia : piano - 4 hands (kettledrum, maracas, gong, rain stick, bamboo shines, bells, wood block, bass drum, xylophone, marimba, trumpets, horns).

Birth of PAN : piano - 4 hands (marimba, clarinet, harp) ;
Farandole : piano, guitar, flute ;
The Dream : oboe, cello, piano ;
The Nymphs Yard : clear drum, oboe, piano
Syrinx : panpipes solo or solo flute
PAN against Apollo : piano - 4 hands, 2 accordions or 1 with saxophone, flute, harp ;
The Titans : horn, tuba, piano - 4 hands, kettledrum, bass drum, wood block, toms ;
PAN’s song : piano - 4 hands, choir, horn, kettledrum ;

Next story : OLAN and the Fairy Garden : on a text by Dominique Féniès, a choral piece, piano, percussion.

For solo piano :
To the Stars : on poems by Odile Cohen Abbas.
I write under the influence of a bee ;
Mist crimes ;
The impromptu ;
Supplication ;
Consents ;
New declaration.

Beethoven’s Concerto No. 1 and No. 3 (...)
Beethoven’s Concerto No. 1 and No. 3
Mozart’s Concertos
Maurice Ravel’s Concerto in G
Maurice Ravel’s Concerto for the Left Hand
Grieg’s Concerto

Panphonie in C for piano, cello and marimba .